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Passing Production Safety Koller Practices Security Responsibility

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      Recently, in order to strengthen standardization construction of production safety, and realize the security policy of refrigeration industry, domestic well-known enterprise Guangzhou Koller R&E Co., Ltd carried out a series of safety training to all staffs.

      As the leading ice machine manufacturer with high technology, Mr. Peng Guanghui, the general manager of Guangzhou Koller Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. said that safety in production is an important guarantee for the development of enterprise. Over the years, Koller always insist on the guiding principle of "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive treatment ".

      In addition to insist on the implementation of the relevant security laws and regulations, Koller also carried out for all employees the "5S" management training, standard the professional work of all departments, according to the standards, carry out troubleshooting and rectification of the problem, create a safe, clean tidy and comfortable workplace and environment for his staff.

      To improve and enhance the security of production norms for domestic refrigeration market, Koller has participated in the drawing plan of state and industry standards for "commercial ice machine", "automatic icemaker test methods", " Particular requirements for Household and similar electrical commercial ice machine" about cube ice machine, tube ice machine, plate ice machine, the cold room, cold chain and etc. 

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